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Fig Leaf & Fern

Fig Fern Re-Creator

Fig Fern Re-Creator

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Introducing the Fig Fern Re-Creator Unisex Recycled T-Shirt – a revolutionary garment that epitomizes sustainable fashion. This T-shirt, a part of Fig Leaf & Fern's commitment to environmental responsibility, is not just a clothing item but a statement of eco-conscious living. Crafted from in-house organic cutting waste, it represents a fusion of innovation and ethical fashion practices. This unique blend of recycled and organic cotton results in a distinct texture, making each piece subtly unique, while contributing to waste reduction.

The Fig Fern Re-Creator Unisex Recycled T-Shirt is ideal for eco-aware individuals who want their clothing choices to reflect their values. Perfect for casual wear or as a versatile layering piece, it offers both style and a positive environmental impact.

  • Set-in Sleeve Design: Provides a classic, versatile silhouette suitable for various styles and occasions.

  • Rib at Neck Collar: Ensures a comfortable fit while maintaining the T-shirt's shape.

  • Material Composition: Made from a blend of 50% Recycled Open End Cotton and 50% Organic Raw Open End Cotton, offering a soft feel with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

  • Unique Fabric Surface: The recycled fibres provide a less smooth fabric surface, adding a distinctive character to each T-shirt.

  • Medium Fit: This unisex T-shirt offers a versatile fit, catering to a wide range of body types and style preferences.
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