The difference between sustainable and ethical fashion

At Fig Leaf & Fern, our heart is set on enriching your life with simplicity and purpose. Our mission is all about crafting a deeper connection with the world around us. A question that is often asked is; what is the difference between sustainable and ethical fashion?

Sustainable fashion and ethical fashion are closely related yet distinct concepts within the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion primarily focuses on environmental impacts, advocating for practices and materials that minimise harm to the environment. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient production, waste reduction, and extending the lifecycle of products through design and durability.

Ethical fashion, meanwhile, concentrates on the social aspects of the fashion industry. It prioritises fair labour practices, safe working conditions, fair wages, and the rights of workers throughout the supply chain. Ethical fashion seeks to ensure that clothing production does not exploit workers and that it contributes positively to the communities involved.

While sustainable fashion addresses the ecological footprint, ethical fashion tackles human rights issues. Both movements often overlap in their goals and practices, at Fig Leaf & Fern we strive to address both environmental and social responsibilities simultaneously.

We're here to inspire you to be part of a positive change. Our commitment runs deep in bringing you clothing that respects both people and the planet, ensuring that every piece you wear from us is a badge of honour towards a better future. We believe in empowering you to make impactful choices, providing products that are not only authentic and responsibly made but also serve as catalysts for change.